Wellesley Housing Authority
109 Barton Road, Wellesley Ma 02481

The Wellesley Housing Authority provides numerous services to members of its housing community through the efforts of a Resident Service Coordinator.

The Resident Service Coordinator provides family and individual contact with many local service organizations such as the Wellesley Council on Aging, the Friendly Aid Society, the Rotary Club, Wellesley Service League, The Wellesley Board of Health and volunteers from Babson College. The Coordinator also helps plan for future needs of Wellesley Housing Authority residents.

The Resident Service Coordinator meets with elderly residents the first three Tuesdays of each month in the local community room of each property. Residents are also provided monthly “Resident Times” newsletters. The newsletters provide meeting dates and lists activities for each month.

The Resident Service Coordinator assists WHA youths by setting up after school homework help, Summer Camp scholarships, and free beach passes.

For all residents of WHA who qualify, the Resident Service Coordinator may provide assistance in locating household furnishings and providing referrals to other agencies in and around the town of Wellesley.

All residents of Wellesley Housing Authority properties are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the many services provided by the Resident Service Coordinator.




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