Wellesley Housing Authority
109 Barton Road, Wellesley Ma 02481



Please Read This Section Carefully


Information and forms are provided online as an aid to understanding and expediting the application


Applications and verifying documentation for State Housing must be submitted by mail or in person to the Wellesley Housing Authority, 109 Barton Rd, Wellesley, Ma 02481.

If you wish to apply for both Standard and Emergency housing, you will have to complete both applications and submit both with the requested documentation in order to be placed on both waiting lists.



  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security
  • Bank Statements
  • Any Income
  • All Releases Signed and Dated



Family Waiting List

Our two and three bedroom waiting lists are currently OPEN.


Applying For Housing

Listed below are links to print or download the State application as well as common forms which must be filed with both Standard and Emergency applications. We choose from the State waiting list when a vancancy occurs in a State-funded development.You must have Adobe Reader on your computer in order to download the forms. You may download this free software by going to or clicking www.adobe.com.

Preliminary Application

Standard Application

Emergency Application

Release of Information Forms

Check List


Apply for Elderly/Disabled Emergency Housing (Priority or Preference Status)

If, after carefully reviewing the information on the State Emergency Housing Application form, you feel that it is applicable to your circumstances, you may complete the form and submit it with the required documentation to the Wellesley Housing Authority in  addition to your standard application(s). Do not delay submitting your standard application(s) while waiting for documentation to prove your priority/preference status.



About Emergency Housing ( Priority or Preference Status)

Please understand that submission of the Emergency Housing Application form does not mean immediate housing but only that the application may be granted a priority or preference status on the waiting list. There may be many other applications before you on the waiting lists with priority status; furthermore, there is no way of knowing when vacancies will occur. The wait before an applicant is offered a unit may be extensive-even for those with a priority or preference.