Wellesley Housing Authority
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Eligibility Requirements For  State subsidized Elderly/Disabled Housing



To qualify for State-subsidized Elderly Housing, the Head-of-Household must be at least 60 years of age or disabled and, as of Fiscal Year 2018 (income Limits are adjusted annually), gross household income must be no greater than $56,800 for one person or $64,900 for a two-person household.


Besides verifying that a household's income falls within above income limits, Wellesley Housing Authority (WHA) does Credit Reports, Landlord History, and CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) checks will be done on any applicant and family members 18 years and older whose application is approaching the top of the waiting list.



The Wellesley Housing Authority's State chapter 667 Elderly/Non Elderly Handicapped Housing Program waitlist is open on a continuous basis.


When submitting applications please remember the following will be required:


Copies of Birth Certificates

Copies of Social Security  Cards 

Proof of Income                     

Copies of Bank Statements