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The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program is a Federally funded, subsidized rent program that allows recipients of vouchers to rent safe and sanitary housing in the private sector.  The voucher holder pays their rent portion directly to the landlord.  The voucher holder's rent portion is determined by the household's monthly adjusted gross income, the rent payment standard for the area, and the apartment's rent.  The voucher holder is not allowed to pay more than 40% of the household's adjusted gross income towards the rent and utilities, but must pay at least 30% of the household's adjusted gross income toward these expenses.  With funds received from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Authority pays the remaining portion of the rent directly to the landlord.  The HCV recipient may use the voucher to find a unit in any part of the United States and Puerto Rico.


For more details about the HCV program, please feel free to visit HUD.gov or MassNahro.


Frequently asked questions:


How many HCVs Does the WHA control?


Currently, the Wellesley Housing Authority controls eleven(11) federal HCVs.



How do I Apply for the Housing Choice Voucher program?


Housing Choice Vouchers are filled by applicants registered with MassNahro's Centralized Waiting List Program.  A great number of Massachusetts housing authorities fill available vouchers from this Centralized Waiting List; therefore, the applicant need only complete one application to be registered for all  of those authorities belonging to the MassNahro program.  You may learn which authorities belong to the MassNahro Centralized Waiting List program as well as download an application from the MassNahro website.


Families, Elderly and Disabled persons may apply for Federal Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8) at



All Wellesley Housing Authority HCVs are administered by the Dedham Housing Authority.  The WHA does not directly accept applications for this program.  If you have any question or need assistance in completing the application or wish to receive an application, please contact the following:

Dedham Housing Authority

163 Dedham Boulevard

Dedham, MA  02026